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How to choose ceramic tableware?

Time: 2020-06-13 11:52:46

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At first glance, take the tableware to the place where there is a light source and see the refraction light on its surface. If the part with pattern is the same as the part without pattern, it means it is inferior, otherwise it is superior. At the same time, it is also necessary to check whether the shape of the device is regular and there are no obvious defects on the surface; and several tableware of the same size are stacked together, which means its disadvantages if the distance is uneven.

Second, touch the part of the meal with or without pattern by hand. If the two are equally smooth, the description is unsatisfactory; if there is a clear sense of convergence in the touch of a graphic part, it feels that the pattern attached to the tableware surface is a high-quality product.

Three scraps, the outer layer of tableware is very hard, even if how hard scraping can not damage the glaze, if it is found that the glaze pattern of tableware can be easily scraped off, it must be inferior.

In the case of alloy tableware, there are two key points. One is to watch and the other is to listen.

The first thing to see is the texture of tableware. It is mainly reflected in the fine and elegant technology, the delicate and smooth polishing edge processing, the comfortable hand feeling, the neat mouth of chopsticks, the fine and glossy surface grinding effect, the straight, even and tight chopsticks.

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