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How to choose a plate?

Time: 2020-06-13 11:45:39

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1.1 ceramics

China is one of the first countries in the world to use pottery, blue and white porcelain is one of the most representative ceramics. Most ceramic plates are very delicate and elaborate. Due to its good heat resistance, ceramics do not release toxic substances at high temperature. If the home decoration is retro elegant style, you can consider porcelain plate.

Screening method: when choosing ceramic tableware, we should not only choose the design and color we like, but also because the newly purchased ceramic tableware contains harmful substances such as heavy metal lead, so we should pay attention to soak it in strong vinegar for a period of time before use. When buying ceramic tableware, we must touch it with hands, and the touch is not smooth, rough, which means that the product is not fully made. When purchasing ceramic tableware, it is easy to see if there is any defect in the tableware. At the same time, gently tap the tableware with your hand, with a clear voice, indicating that the quality of the tableware is very good.

1.2 glass

The surface of glassware is smooth and easy to wash. The glass plate is transparent. Now it's often said that the pocket money, whether it's salad or afternoon tea, is very suitable for photography. Simple glass tableware, not only has high appearance value and large capacity, but also can directly show the original form of food in tableware, which has become the popular ins style.

Screening method: pay attention to these problems when screening glass tableware: high quality glass tableware has glossy color and high refractive index, and the surface should be smooth and light when tapping, it should emit clear metal sound. If you choose colored glass tableware, you need to observe whether its color distribution is uniform. Some glassware is not heat-resistant, hot water or hot soup will explode, so elves need to pay attention to whether there is a heat-resistant mark.

1.3 wood

When it comes to wooden plates, the first thing I think about is the log wind. The wood style is simple and artistic, and the tableware of this style seems to add a fresh and natural temperament. Now it's popular to use wooden tableware with handles. It's not only beautiful in shape, but also beautiful in unique wooden texture. It's also common in pizza and Korean restaurants. Wooden tableware is more suitable for families with babies than ceramic and glass tableware. Because wooden tableware is not easy to break, ceramics and glass are easy to break and damage baby.

Selection method: when choosing wooden tableware, we must follow the three principles of "no crack, hard wood and smooth noodles". Do not choose tableware with too bright appearance because of painting. This is because the wooden tableware treated by painting has high lead content and is not good for the body after long-term use. To choose natural wood (such as: Gold teak, beech, etc.) made of wood tableware. The wooden meal made of natural wood has a natural fragrance, does not contain toxic substances such as lead, and will not cause too much damage to the body. Poor wooden tableware smells because it contains toxic substances.

2.1 Japanese wind

Small and fine are the characteristics of Japanese tableware, which is why many fairies prefer Japanese style tableware. Japanese tableware can integrate people's elegance of not eating fireworks and the breath of life of firewood, rice, oil and salt. Tableware is no exception. Although the Japanese plate is small, it is very delicate. It is usually made of Bone China, so the price is high.

Selection method: Japanese tableware is Mori style (Mori style means respecting nature, comfort and returning to reality). The main attitude of life is to refuse the consumerism of easygoing and vagrancy, and to pursue a simple and direct attitude towards life). When the color of the interior decoration of the home is more natural materials such as log color, bamboo, rattan, hemp and so on, you can choose a Japanese restaurant. In terms of color, Japanese dishes are usually small and fresh colors, such as green, pink, etc.

2.2 Nordic wind

Speaking of the two sentences in northern Europe, we should think it is "the cold wind of royal family in northern Europe". In fact, it is only a one-sided impression. With the constant change of people's life concept, the simple atmosphere of northern Europe style is gradually recognized and accepted. Nordic style is one of the representatives of postmodernism, which refers to the simple, direct, functional, natural, quiet Nordic style is not glamorous vanity, with smooth line design, both fashionable and practical, common Nordic dish styles are text type, marble type, etc.

Selection method: the northern European tableware is famous for its simplicity, atmosphere and sense of line. When choosing the northern European tableware, carefully observe the tableware line to see whether it is beautiful and simple. If the small family decoration has the following characteristics: clean and concise lines, advanced elements, mainly gray, black and white colors or important decoration, using raw logs, you can choose Nordic dishes. In terms of color, the color is very beautiful. Generally, the choice of pure white or black and white is in line with the Nordic style.

2.3 Chinese style

Modern China refers to the traditional through modern, modern classical style. Speaking of Chinese style, Xiaobian thinks it can be summed up in four words: simple and luxurious. Obviously, it's a set of opposite words, but it's the best way to describe Chinese style. Why is the Chinese style dish simple? Before, most of the cafeterias I used in my life were Chinese style cafeterias. They were very simple and did not have a sense of design. Why is it luxurious to often serve meat and vegetables in my daily life? Compared with the simple tableware for daily use, there are many tableware with strong design sense and classical taste. This kind of tableware is usually used in collectibles and important occasions, which looks very luxurious.

Selection method: at present, most modern Chinese dishes are enamel, not only white and blue porcelain style, it is given a stronger sense of design. We can pay attention to the style when choosing. The Chinese style is luxurious, dignified, elegant, rich in connotation, with distinct colors and hues. If you have Chinese red porcelain at home

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