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Disposable environmental protection customized tableware will become the mainstream of the industry

Time: 2020-06-13 11:44:06

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According to statistics, in 2018, there were 364 million users in China, once a day for each person, and two plastic tableware were consumed for one meal delivery. Each year, 265.7 billion tableware were consumed, generating 10 million tons of plastic waste.

In addition to the situation of being buried in incineration, the possibility of secondary circulation of these wastes is almost zero. After being buried, they will be decomposed in 470 years, which is considered as the pollution caused by incineration.

In addition to take out, many restaurants also use disposable tableware, such as chopsticks or plastic packaging, so a large amount of plastic waste is produced every day.

Therefore, the plastic waste produced by the catering industry has become an urgent problem to be solved. So if so, why don't the relevant departments manage it? It can't be managed, but it's not good because the business reduces the operating cost. Because the price of general environmental disposable take out tableware is much higher than that of general plastic tableware, many enterprises do not want to use it, but cannot use it.

In addition to the low-cost green tableware, the restaurant can also customize one-off green tableware according to its own needs. The price and common plastic tableware are cheaper than some plastic tableware.

There is a noodle shop owner who specializes in eating out. Every day, he looks at these plastic boxes and says that they have turned into a pile of plastic garbage that can't be broken down through his own hands. Sometimes he will blame himself if he wants to. After all, it's for your own convenience

It pollutes the social environment for its own benefit. He also knows that the future of disposable environment-friendly tableware is a trend, but now he has little choice about the price of environment-friendly tableware and its applicability to food.

Now the tableware sold on the market can be said to be "environment-friendly", but in terms of price, only paper lunch boxes are accepted. Paper lunch boxes are divided into base paper pulp paper, kraft paper, bamboo fiber paper, etc. in fact, the applicability of paper lunch boxes to food is almost the same, but in terms of price, the cost of bamboo fiber paper and kraft paper is relatively high, but because of the price of the original pulp paper lunch boxes With the price of the ordinary PP Lunch Box almost equal, the base pulp paper is now very popular in the market. After the ban of Shanghai, the base pulp paper tea bowl is also a one-time tableware officially designated by the relevant departments.

The purchase price of the 1200ml plastic bowl used by many businesses now is about 0.65 yuan. The customized bowl of the same size sold by a single tree has greatly improved in terms of beauty, brand promotion and applicability. Surprisingly, the price of the ecological bowl and the ordinary plastic bowl is roughly the same. There are several restaurants with brand awareness Such news, began to order packaging tools with their own brand attributes.

In addition to the disposable environment-friendly tableware that can be customized for eating out, there is also a disposable environment-friendly tableware bag with one wooden heart. The plastic packaging of the tableware bag used for eating out and canteen is replaced by paper film, which reduces the generation of plastic waste to a certain extent. The old board of the restaurant can customize the original tableware bag according to its own needs, and increase the sales of vouchers and credit cards Sales tools, increase customer stickiness, and effectively improve the sales of the store. Yimu has its own independent factory, which greatly reduces the cost of production and logistics, and enables many small and medium-sized restaurants to enjoy the environmental protection tableware service at the price of ordinary tableware.

In the new era, the new market, environmental protection tableware + customized tableware, is undoubtedly the great trend of tableware development in the catering industry in the future. The restaurant whose reform has remained in place will eventually be submerged by the tide of vast catering enterprises.

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