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Can hot water really disinfect tableware?

Time: 2020-06-13 11:40:12

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When eating out, many people have the habit of "heating the bowl with hot water" to disinfect. Cantonese, in particular, seem to think that this practice is a ritual before dinner. They think that it can kill bacteria and make tableware cleaner.

But in recent years, on the Internet, some people often dispel rumors that hot water bowls are not used at all and can not be sterilized. So what is the truth? Let's talk about it:

In theory, "boiling water and scalding bowl" plays a bactericidal role. If it is kept at a temperature of over 70 ℃ for a few minutes, it can kill many pathogenic bacteria. In addition, when washing the tableware, some bacteria can be washed off directly.

But the question is, do you really have 70 degrees of hot water to warm the tableware for a few minutes? In fact, most restaurants provide hot water, that is, 78 degrees. After pouring cold tableware, the temperature drops rapidly, and soon reaches 50 degrees, which is very harmless to bacteria.

In addition, we often "hot" half a minute, time is not enough. So generally speaking, when most people heat water in a bowl to disinfect, there is no obvious bactericidal effect.

However, if you really go to the "fly restaurant" for dinner, you can really take the "water heater" method. Well, because there's always no harm in doing so. Although the sterilization process may not be very good, it can also play another role, which is to wash away the remaining detergent.

As you know, the dishes in small restaurants are always supplied in the same way. The cleaning process may be very poor. The washing process is perfunctory. Without water washing, there will be a lot of detergent residues. In addition, "boiled water soup bowl" will bring psychological comfort to many people, which may make people feel better.

In fact, how to eliminate and disinfect bowls should be the concern of restaurants, not our consumers.

So instead of always trying to disinfect, take the time to choose a more reliable restaurant. Try not to go to the roadside stall or the "fly restaurant" mentioned earlier. Because these places are often blind areas of supervision, tableware sanitation facilities are difficult to ensure, clean or not depends on luck.

However, generally speaking, the overall harsh environment of the restaurant and the staff seem to be very sanitary. If the hygiene level of the restaurant is also above level B, you only need to use tableware, so the possibility of problems is very small.

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