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Don't buy these five kinds of tableware for your baby

Time: 2020-06-13 11:34:32

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1. Don't pick out no utensils

Although all manufacturers have vowed to ensure the absolute safety of their products, this is not the case, so when buying tableware for their children, parents must choose the qualified products produced by reputable manufacturers, rather than buying some tableware for their children at a low price.

2. Don't pick glass or ceramic tableware

Tableware made of glass and ceramics is beautiful and safe, but accidents may occur frequently because baby's hands are still clumsy. Using this kind of tableware for your child will cause waste on the one hand and scratch your child on the other. In addition, it's easy for your child to lose confidence in learning to eat.

3. Don't pick dishes that are hard to clean

Some tableware is not easy to clean due to its shape, design or texture, or cannot be sterilized under high temperature. Therefore, oil stains and bacteria are easy to attach to it, so it is not the ideal tableware for children.

4. Don't pick too big or too small utensils

Too big tableware children's small hands are not easy to control, too small tableware may let children eat soup overflowing, which is equal to people in order to increase the difficulty of children's learning their own diet.

5. Don't use adult utensils for children

Ordinary tableware is designed for adults and is not suitable for children in terms of size or weight. In addition, another disadvantage of sharing tableware with adults is that it is easy to spread adult diseases to children.

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